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A Funny Thing Happened...

Tonight WNCC opens the first musical produced at the college in twenty years, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum." I could not be more proud of how hard the students have worked to put on this marvelous production. For me, it has been an incredible opportunity for growth and understanding. It is my first full-length musical production I have directed, choreographed, costume designed (and built), and it was the most difficult task I have encountered thus far. A cast of 22, three hours of rehearsal per night for only a matter of weeks, and we actually pulled it off. Not only that, but two actors were nominated to compete at the 2020 KC American College Theatre Festival, and we were awarded merits in four areas; scenic design, prop design, stage management, and conducting. I am so lucky I get to work with such stellar students and faculty. May the good times roll and keep on rollin'!

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