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Christmas Cheer Throughout the Year

This fall a sophomore approached with me with the idea of producing A Christmas Carol for the second show of the season. I thought, what a lovely thought, but how can we allow this to further challenge our students? So of course, we wrote our own adaptation and I said to sophomore Lem Grady, whose idea it was to produce, if he wanted to direct it, he jolly well should! Teaming with some community members who are professionals in the field, we set forth on our mission and put together a virtual production just in time for the holiday season! Photo courtesy of The Star Herald (see article here:

Directed by: Lem Grady

Set Design: Francesca Mintowt-Czyz

Costume Design: Francesca Mintowt-Czyz

Lighting Design: Megan Chrisman

Featured Actors: Betsy Eckstrom, Ben Johnson, Japheth Frey

Photography: Olivia Wieseler

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