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"Ooh. Would you write me an exit line like that?"

My dear friend Mary Trotter spoke to me about her desire to direct The Revolutionists by Lauren Gunderson and I thought that I should at the very least read the play to see what it was all about. Little did I know that APO at SCAD would be producing it as their first show this Fall Quarter.

After reading the play, I thought I should audition for Marie-Antoinette because I found her the most challenging not only because of her dialogue (which is beautiful and scattered and precise) but because of her character arc.

I was fortunate enough to be cast as Marie-Antoinette and it was such a whirlwind. I had so many Aha! moments, which is what graduate school is all about. I will appreciate forever how much Marie grows throughout the piece, and treasure the moments where she drops her mask and is truly vulnerable.

This play is brilliantly written, and so poignant. It was stellar that it was produced, directed, run, and performed by a group of extremely talented women, and I will remember the experience for years to come.

"Ooh. Would you write me an exit line like that? I've always wanted to be like- "blah blah blah RETORT" and then just leave and the scene is- like- over." - Marie-Antoinette, The Revolutionists by Lauren Gunderson

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