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Having the opportunity to work with Francesca Mintowt-Czyz my senior year of college was the most collaborative, beneficial, eye-opening and rewarding experience of my time at Weber State. She taught me and all my peers the importance of storytelling, attention to detail, the pure joy in dance for musical theatre, and just how powerful we can be in the audition room. Francesca is every student's cheerleader. Serving as her TA in her Voice and Movement II class, I watch as she roots for every student’s success, she pushes them outside of their comfort zone, builds and strengthens a beautiful ensemble of students, and is constantly and confidently in every student's corner, rooting for their success. Francesca cares so deeply about the arts and the people around her. She is constantly aware and respectful of boundaries and you can always count on her to be the production's glue; she is strong, solid and consistently shows up and is ready to work and discover with everyone on the team. I consider myself so lucky to have worked with Francesca. I have learned so many valuable lessons from her, both on the stage and off the stage. 

-Allie White, Weber State University



“I truly believe Director Francesca Mintowt-Czyz excels at constructing ensembles, having worked with her once before in a production of Much Ado About Nothing she directed. In terms of Francesca’s directing style, she has a mastery of balancing both an explorative and prescriptive method of delivery.”
- Ethan Baker, SCAD


“Francesca Mintowt-Czyz, enough cannot be said about this woman. The pinnacle of what it means to be a professional and still manages to keep her wildly contagious positivity and spontaneity when it’s time to work. She nurtures a collaborative, safe, and “fail-free” environment when it comes to her productions, as well as in a classroom setting. One of the best things about her is that she makes everything she does specifically unique to the group she works with. In turn, making her colleagues feel special, only inspiring and motivating those around her. Anyone, in any field, would be privileged to have this woman a part of their team.” 

- Brandon Bomer, SCAD



"I loved working with Francesca! She was extremely energetic and personal with us. She really cared about the cast and tried to make the play [The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time] unique to us. She was so fun to work with and I hope I get to work with her again." - Grace Heath, University of Central Missouri


"She’s just taught me all the ins and outs. She’s just so caring about all of her students, and she’s always looking out for what’s best in everyone she teaches." - Garrett Doremus, Western Nebraska Community College

“Francesca has opened up the door for so many opportunities. I’m going to be moving out to Lindenwood (this fall), and I’ll actually be studying under the teacher Francesca studied under, John O’Hagan, and finish out my last two years there.” - Lemuel Grady, Western Nebraska Community College

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"Francesca exudes extremely positive energy and is inspiring to be around. Her leadership is the perfect balance of allowing for play and constructive input/feedback." - Victoria Skillen, National Centre for Circus Arts

"I rarely attend workshops which offer such a wholesome, in-depth and insightful perspective that I know will directly inspire my art." - Matthew Rawcliffe, Rambert

"Francesca opened a new door for me that taught me passion over life." -Reynaldo Santos, Northern School of Contemporary Dance

"Fantastic class — FANTASTIC TEACHER!" -Anonymous


"Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in Francesca Mintowt-Czyz’ Physical Theatre “Devising” Masterclass which included the Suzuki and Grotowski methods, among others. While it did kick my ass, it took me to places emotionally and physically that I hadn’t thought possible. Francesca is truly a master in this field and to all my theatre peeps, I strongly encourage you to attend one of her workshops. The experience is truly transformative." - Dan Larrinaga, Salt Lake Acting Company 


"I cannot say enough good things about Francesca. She knows what she is doing. She skillfully and lovingly pushes you to your limits. And she creates a beautiful and safe environment to explore and create. If you get to work with her, you won’t be disappointed." - Tyler Fox, Utah Valley University

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Francesca teaching-19.jpg


"Francesca led a thought-provoking workshop with a really interesting concept and direction. She makes it really comfortable and happy with her energy. Will definitely look out for her in the future!" -Ella Sophoclides, London Contemporary Dance School

"Francesca opens up an abyss in the space. Identities fall into it, and honesty remains. It was a delight to work in this space, and to discover the essential in breath, word, and impulse!" - Talisman Jaguar, National Centre for Circus Arts


"Excellent! The exploration of physical movement, awareness of space, ensemble work, imagination, and viewpoints was exceptionally well taught and easily accessible." - Anonymous


"Francesca and the whole group made everything feel very safe and non-judgmental. the groups willingness to explore and play is lovely."- Anonymous

"Francesca delivered a fantastic workshop which challenged me to think differently and take some skills into my further training at Bristol Old Vic." - James Bradwell, Bristol Old Vic

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